Mission, Vision & Core Values

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"Always create new values, for people, the community and the world"

Through real estate investment management, we create new demands in our society and new values that exceed people’s expectations.


We strive to be the leading group of professionals, trusted by people, the community and the world.

Core Value


We act proactively and professionally and adhere to the highest standards of compliance and discipline.


We always challenge the unprecedented.


We think outside the box and dare to be original.

Belief in ourselves

We believe in ourselves and are committed to our "MCUBSR" values.

Stewardshipand Sensitivity

We take the dialogue with investors seriously, and fulfill our fiduciary duty.
We are sensitive to changes in the world and respond to them appropriately.


We respect our colleagues and partners, so that we can all work with pride and a smile.

Mission, Vision & Core ValuesMENU