Sustainability Strategy

Environmental Charter

Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. has established the "Environmental Charter," which sets out our environmental principles and action plans.

Environmental Charter

At Mitsubishi Corp. -UBS Realty Inc., we consider the Earth itself to be our most important stakeholder and are continually working towards the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities.
  • We will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by continually implementing new efficiency measures and embracing new technologies.
  • We will promote the sustainable use of natural resources including energy, minerals, food stocks and water throughout our global business operations.
  • We recognize the critical importance of what ecosystems can provide and are committed to protecting ecosystems and mitigating any potential impacts on biodiversity.
  • We will strive to create and enhance environmental benefits by undertaking conservation activities and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • We will continue to actively engage and work with our various stakeholders openly and transparently and disclose information on the environmental impacts of our business operations in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • We will conduct all of our activities in compliance with environmental laws while adhering to international rules and social standards.
Policies regarding pollution control and brownfield redevelopment

Please refer to the following policies regarding our approach to pollution control and brownfield redevelopment.

Responsible Property Investment Policy

Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. established the "Responsible Property Investment Policy," which sets out our policies for integrating environmental and social considerations into our investment and asset management process.

Responsible Property Investment (RPI) Policy (extract)

Our Beliefs about RPI

Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. believes that RPI adds value to an investment by limiting the risks of regulatory non-compliance and losing its competitive position in the market, by making a property more appealing to tenants and purchasers and, in some cases, by reducing expenses and improving returns. Therefore, RPI is important strategy for us. We also believe that RPI will bring about a more desirable result for our environment and society.
The concept of RPI for us is to make it a first priority is to deliver improved profitability of the investment corporations and also consider social and environmental issues from a long term perspective. We believe that Environmental, Social and Governance issues will have an impact and these issues should be considered in our asset management strategies.

Our Mission

Deliver superior risk-adjusted investment performance to our investors by considering issues of sustainability and RPI in our asset management processes.
Implement sustainable practices through innovation and the sharing of best practices. 
Be a responsible asset manager by addressing environmental impacts while enhancing operational values of properties of the investment corporations.

Our Strategy

Our RPI strategy is integrated into the asset management of the investment corporations and is implemented by all operational functions of the company during the entire ownership cycle, from its acquisition to the ongoing asset management, marketing, renovation and maintenance through sale.

Our RPI Disclosure Policy

Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. willingly discloses our RPI activities to investors and other stakeholders.