Sustainability Promotion Structure

Sustainability Promotion Structure

With the increase in ESG-related demand from global stakeholders, MCUBS established the Sustainability Committee in 2013 to further promote responsible property investment (RPI) across the organization. During the same year, the Company commenced initiatives regarding the sustainability of Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation (JRF), Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (IIF), and asset management companies.

In 2015, we welcomed MCUBS MidCity Inc. into the Group and integrated employees from the company into our Sustainability Committee. By doing so, we have been able to share information on sustainability with MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation (MidCity) and across the organization while examining efforts to resolve issues together.

Monitoring Activities by the Sustainability Committee

MCUBS discusses sustainability activities carried out during the current fiscal year at meetings of the Sustainability Committee. In the following fiscal year, the Company will make improvements as appropriate to initiatives deemed to be lacking based on the results of these discussions.
Monitoring Activities by the Sustainability Committee

Main Members of the Sustainability Committee

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Committee chair President of MCUBS
Committee members MCUBS: Vice President, General Manager of Retail Division, General Manager of Industrial Division, General Manager of Office Division, General Manager of Corporate Division, etc.
Observers Full-Time Corporate Auditors, Division Managers, and Directors in Charge of Investment and Investor Relations, etc.
Secretariat Research, Marketing and ESG Department

Frequency of Meetings

The Sustainability Committee meets approximately four times a year. In addition, subcommittee meetings are held at an appropriate frequency, where more detailed discussion takes place from apractical and operational standpoint.

Main Examination Items

  • Sustainability targets and plans for each fiscal year
  • Reports on activities related to the United Nations
  • Environment Programme Finance Initiative and Principles for
  • Responsible Investment
  • Reports on the ESG activities of each fund
  • Discussions on the certifications received by each fund
  • Discussions on the issuance of Green Bonds