Sustainability Promotion Structure

The Sustainability Committee

MCUBS have newly organized the Sustainability Committee in January 2020. As a result, we’ll do our best to change the Sustainability Promotion Structure to which the Sustainability Committee plays a central role in formulating strategies centered and monitoring the activities of three investment corporations and we’ll make effort to create value that exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders.
And we have established the person in charge at each division and by playing the role of driving ESG target activities, we’ll integrate ESG considerations into its investment and asset management processes.

Chief Sustainability Officer

The Deputy President & Representative Director has been appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) to strengthen the sustainability promotion system. CSO as the committee chairman reports the matter confirmed by the Sustainability Committee to the Board of Directors, chaired by the President & CEO & Representative Director and works to share awareness of issues and raise awareness levels.
Monitoring Activities by the Sustainability Committee

Main Members of the Sustainability Committee

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Committee chair CSO
Committee members President, COO, Head of Retail Division, Head of Industrial Division,
Head of Office Division, Head of Corporate Division, Head of Strategic Planning Office,
Head of Research, Marketing and ESG Department
Secretariat Research, Marketing and ESG Department

Frequency of Meetings

The Sustainability Committee meets approximately four times a year. In addition, subcommittee meetings are held at an appropriate frequency, where more detailed discussion takes place from a practical and operational standpoint.

Main Examination Items

  •   Sustainability policy, strategy, and structure
  •  Sustainability targets
  •  Membership and signing of environmental organizations
  •  ESG Report approval
  •  Activity report
  •  Eligible Green Projects