Message from President Okamoto

MCUBS aims improve unitholder value through investment management and contributes to solving global issues.

We at Mitsubishi Corp-UBS Realty Inc. (MCUBS) set “Always create new values, for people, the community and the world” as our mission. We aim to enhance unitholder value by “creating new demands in our society and new values that exceeds people’s expectations through real estate investment management.” To achieve these, we understand that always being aware of whether our investment management activities are leading to the realization of a sustainable society is the social responsibility required of long-term management.

Based on such thinking, we firmly believe the perspective of sustainability affects our financial results, and from an early stage, had incorporated these in our investment and management processes, and had been undertaking environment, social and governance (ESG) activities. Continuing from last year, we published our ESG Report with the hope of sharing the MC-UBS Group’s basic ESG approach and activities to all of our stakeholders. Furthermore, we are pursuing sustainability even more actively by incorporating the approach of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—a new set of common global goals—in our vision and targets related to sustainability.

Specifically, with regard to SDGs, we determined the ones which the MC-UBS Group thinks are important, that is to say, those of high materiality. Based on these, JRF, IIF, and MCUBS MidCity. determined their own respective SDGs, and at the same time, formulated numeric targets for environmental performance. For the financing aspect, the issuance of green bonds; for the investment aspect, the investing in PRE projects based on the Principles for Positive Impact Finance; for the management aspect, “green lease” agreements undertaking reduction of CO2 emissions through cooperation with tenants while receiving grants from the Ministry of the Environment—these are some of the measures matching the characteristics of the respective investment companies through which we aim for the realization of a sustainable society. In addition, for managed facilities, we are providing responses for reducing environmental impact, measures contributing to improving the health and well-being of employees, and equipment and evacuation areas helpful to tenants and local residents during times of disasters.

We cannot achieve these initiatives on our own. These can only be implemented by first building relationships over long periods of time with our diverse range of stakeholders—including unitholders, tenants, service providers, lenders, bondholders, local communities, and governments—and cooperating with them. Another important factor is to provide an environment where our employees can work comfortably and actively.

From the perspective of creating a prosperous society where people can live comfortably, real estate has large potential in being able to contribute toward addressing environmental and social issues. We hope to increase unitholder value through real estate asset management, and at the same time, recognize social impact—such as responding to climate change and consideration toward society—and contribute toward addressing global issues.

January 2020
Katsuji Okamoto
President & CEO


Message from Deputy President Suzuki (CSO)

I was recently appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer.
Around 2013 when MCUBS was embarking on sustainability activities in earnest, I was responsible for the initiative. At that time, the concept of sustainability was not widely known yet. Today, however, not only is it widely shared by our employees and affiliates, it is also widely recognized as an issue of management in the society. I feel deeply moved to see such a spreading of this concept, and at the same time, I feel it further reinforces the importance of social responsibility.

Our sustainability activities are promoted centered on our Sustainability Committee through proposing strategies and monitoring the activities of the three J-REITs we manage. Going forward, we will continue to make sure that we are able to create value exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.

January 2020
Naoki Suzuki
Deputy President and
Chief Sustainability Officer