Work Environment

MCUBS is working to ensure that all employees can work with peace of mind and to improve the benefits it provides to them.

Improving Employee Health and Benefits

Exceeding the legal requirements in Japan for employee health and safety, including labor and risk management, MCUBS has prepared an original monitoring framework that encompasses the entire Company, and is enhancing its system for managing working hours. We also provide various wellness programs to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of our employees and their families. Specifically, health checkups, influenza immunization shots, various counseling services (EAP) by external experts, and health-based lectures by industrial physicians are being implemented. We have also established the Health Committee that meets once a month to exchange opinions on working conditions alongside industrial doctors, and to gain health-related insight. In doing so, we are supporting employees in the preservation of their health.

To improve the benefits we provide to our employees, not only do we completely supply a social insurance system, we have also introduced an original retirement pension system and have entered into general welfare group term life insurance, group long-term income compensation insurance, and member welfare services.

In terms of work-life balance, MCUBS also offers support and welfare services to help employees who are starting families and raising children. Furthermore, we promote and strengthen the success of women’s careers.

Establishing a Positive Work Environment

In January 2018, MCUBS renovated its office space and created an environment that allows employees to work comfortably and actively. Natural light enters the work space through windows and plants have been arranged throughout this new, bright office. Employees’ desks are larger than those at a standard Japanese office,* and we have upgraded communal spaces to promote communication with fellow co-workers. We have also incorporated rest areas where employees can relax and refresh themselves. In addition, we have gone 70% paperless, reducing the need for cabinet space. This move, combined with improved communication that includes using electronics to host meetings, has reduced printing and paper costs for the Company.
Furthermore, we periodically conduct environmental checks to provide comfortable working conditions for employees.

* Desk width per person is 1,200mm in a standard Japanese office (as of December 2018, according to the website of Kokuyo Co., Ltd.).

Measures for Health and Well-Being

Space and Interior

Space and Interior1
Interiors decorated with a clear concept, including spaces that incorporate nature

Space and Interior2


Office that actively incorporates natural light


Community area with dimmable lighting


In-office cafeteria
In-office cafeteria


In-office, furnished rest area for employees
In-office, furnished rest area for employees


Soundproofed spaces where people can concentrate on their work


Furniture that is adjustable to various healthconscious configurations

Spaces to Move and Communicate

Spaces to Move and Communicate
Rooms for groups to gather and discuss located near the entrance and in the corridor


Regular air quality inspections
Regular air quality inspections


An upgraded telecommunications system that allows employees to use the Internet away from their desks


A teleconferencing system that allows for meetings with outside groups, including branch offices


Regular worker satisfaction surveys regarding office environment


Use of local events to promote communication and exchange between employees

Human Capital Development—Job-Specific Development Training Programs

In order to cultivate professional human resources in real estate finance, the MCUBS encourages employees to pursue higher qualifications by providing financial assistance and training opportunities.
Specifically, the MCUBS is actively utilizing the specialist qualification system by the Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES), of which we are an official member. The Company covers the costs for employees to obtain the ARES Certified Master qualification (educational program enabling systematic learning of practical specialized knowledge in the fields of real estate and finance). Moreover, employees are also encouraged to undergo training and participate in seminars after obtaining this qualification. Employees are also dispatched as lecturers when requested by ARES.
The Company also covers some or all of the costs of work-related training and tests for obtaining qualifications and maintaining them. As a result, several employees are taking on the challenge of improving their qualifications.

MCUBS has improved employee training by instituting a variety of programs aimed at enhancing occupational expertise and leadership skills. Employees in managerial positions are dispatched to various leadership programs, such as the Program for Leadership Development by Mitsubishi Corporation (training over a total of five days in which skills as a manager can be obtained in coordination with overseas business schools). Furthermore, we support
employees after they enter the Company by providing management training, which includes inviting outside lecturers
to provide interviewer training.
In addition, we conduct seminars in order to raise awareness of sustainability, and offer improved training to increase understanding of compliance and IT literacy.
We also provide support several times a year through e-learning so that employees are aware of the latest information and can utilize it effectively.

The number of employees with qualifications at MCUBS is shown below.

This table can be scrolled sideways.

Real estate transaction specialists 41
ARES Certified Masters 64
Licensed senior architects 9
Real estate appraisers 3
CMAs 7
Lawyers 2
CPAs 2
Tax accountants 2
MBAs 3名
As of December 31, 2018

Employee Satisfaction

MCUBS considers its employees to be its most important management resource and we have measured employee satisfaction on an annual basis since 2011 as part of our engagement. The resulting metrics are used to improve the Company.
In addition to an emphasis on measures aimed at reducing overtime, we facilitate long-term leave and are taking steps to increase the rate that paid leave is used.

Japan Association for UNHCR

For details, please seehere.

For four consecutive years, Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. received a letter of appreciation from Japan Association for UNHCR who closely coordinates with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Representation in Japan, for providing JRF’s vacant space from existing properties free of charge for use by the "Campaign for United Nations Refugee Support Activities".
We will continue to hold high level of interest to reduce environmental load and to make contribution to local society.

Volunteer Activities

Providing relief funds through matching donations

To support rehabilitation and reconstruction in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, MCUBS makes donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society, and other organizations through matching gift program, which a company donates the same amount of money donated by its employees.

Volunteer activities for reconstruction support

MCUBS establishes the foundations for supporting reconstruction and conducts ongoing support activities. The Mitsubishi Corporation Group recruits volunteers from employees on a regular basis to support affected areas, and the Asset Manager's employees also participate in those volunteer activities and cooperate in supporting reconstruction.

Eco cap campaign

MCUBS has conducted an eco cap campaign (activity for recovering plastic bottle caps) since August, 2008. Recovered caps are given to a nonprofit organization, the Capnochokinbako Promotion Network, and then sold for recycling. The proceeds are used for donations of polio vaccines to children all over the world. Recycling also contributes to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from incinerators, which helps prevent global warming.

Award from External Party

Received Best IR Award for Encouragement

The IR Award is a system in which the Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA), the only privately run non-profit organization in Japan actively promoting the diffusion and improvement of the quality of IR activity, awards companies that have achieved outstanding results, for example, companies with a sound understanding of why IR exists, or proactively engage in IR, or companies that are strongly supported by market stakeholders. MCUBS is highly accredited for its JRF IR activity and in 2015 was awarded the JIRA Best IR Award for Encouragement at the 2015 IR Awards.